Dye Sub Blackabck Knitted Textile

Black Back Knitted is a 100% warp-knitted polyester fabric with white surface and black acrylic coating backside that gives it full opacity for backdrop applications. Its slight stretch feature makes it perfect for frame and pop-up materials. It is compatible with dye-sub direct, dye-sub transfer printings and is also workable with UV and latex inks.

- Max Width at 5.05m

- Dry heat Shrinkage: ≤2% (transfer, 230°C, 1min)

- Obscuring ratio: 100%

- Elasticity: Warp: 3% - Weft: 6%

- Flame resistance: B1

- Recommended fixation temperature: 190°C-210°C, 1-2 min

- Transfer temperature: 190°C-210°C, 1-2 min

- Yellowing temperature: 220°C